Friday, April 29, 2011

Bill Lee of Laughing Valley Ranch

Some of you may remember a couple of summers ago when we had a donkey and her baby “in residence” in our corral and stable at the Clear Creek History Park.  Bill Lee of Laughing Valley Ranch was the man behind the scenes who came every week to bring the animals so we could share a part of local history with our visitors.  Some of you may also recognize Bill as a 'real-life' Santa who cheered many children during the holidays with his long white beard and laughing eyes.  He also provided the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) donkey named “Blaster” to be their mascot. 

We have heard that Bill was in a serious accident, but is making some progress towards recovery.  Some CSM students and many community members have been helping Bill tend his ranch as a form of payment for all he's done for the Golden community.  You too can help if you’re interested. Find out more at

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