Friday, November 5, 2010

A Smashing Success!

Cemetery tours were a smashing success this year, and I’d like to send out a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with everything from parking to packing up the supply trucks. The event received wonderful reviews from those who attended, and the cider and homemade cookies were enjoyed by everyone, especially me. Even the weather was good; we only lost one pop tent to the wind!
© Lynne Lawlor Photography

This was the first year lantern tours were offered in the evening, and while the thought of hanging out in a cemetery after dark didn’t originally appeal to my naturally skittish personality, the Golden Cemetery is such a welcoming environment that I felt comfortable there even after the sun went down. Or maybe I was too distracted by trying not to blow myself up with the propane lantern to freak out about the situation.

© Lynne Lawlor Photography
This year we resurrected a few notable people from Golden’s history: Willie Russell, Gertrude Bell, Captain Edward Berthoud, Caroline Millikin, and George and Eliza West. All volunteer ghosts performed their characters beautifully and really brought them back to life for the attendees. In one of the photos, you can see George West staying true to his character as he shows his flask. (Later, he sneaks a drink when his wife Eliza’s not looking.) We also had fantastic tour guides, including local historian Dennis Potter and Rick Gardner as the Keeper of Cemetery Hill.

Finally, I’d like to thank Paul, Jay, and Troy for being incredibly supportive of the event and letting the museums invade their space for a couple weekends, and for letting me drive their maintenance vehicle (despite what I and everyone else was expecting, I returned it in one piece).

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  1. The cemetery tours were super fun (and educational!). It was a lovely time of year to be there with all the beautiful landscaping and the fall colors from the large variety of trees. Watching the "ghosts" roam the cemetery grounds lent a true feel for Golden in the "olden" days, especially with their lanterns at dusk! A great community event.